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Rock Chip Repair
Auto Glass Repair

Rock Chip Repairs


We know what it's like living in the Okanagan - and windshield stone chips can happen. It's why we've made it easy for our guests to get those stone chips fixed as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

A rock chip in your windshield can reduce visibility and cause distortions in your line of sight. Depending on the size of the chip, it can also weaken the windshield structurally. 


The rock chip repair service will restore the glass back to it's original strength and will prevent the chip from becoming a larger crack. Once the chip is filled, it will prevent moisture from entering the damaged area and expanding the windshield. Once a windshield cracks - it will require a replacement. Save yourself the money and avoid a replacement windshield by fixing your rock chips. 

We can repair rock chips up to the size of a loonie. At MasterGlass AutoGlass, we aim to provide the most trustworthy repairs and recommendations - not all rock chips are repairable.

Those who have windshield coverage with ICBC pay $0 out of pocket for windshield rock chip repairs. Our price is $35 plus tax per chip without insurance coverage.

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